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Items in the 1989 Collection (24/92)

Green House

Absolute Grey 2/2/89

Abecedarians 3/8/89
The Honey Tangle

Adult Net 8/21/89
Take Me

Adult Net 5/1/89
Waking Up In The Sun

Adult Net 9/25/89
Victim In Pain

Agnostic Front 4/29/89
Moss Side Story

Barry Adamson 9/4/89
Free Beer For Life!

The A-Bones 4/4/89

Agression 11/11/89
Meet Their Waterloo

Aryan Aquarians 8/16/87
Atlas Kopko

Atlas Kopko 3/27/89
Hymn To Pan

The Apostles 5/22/89
Honour Among Thieves

Antiseen 2/12/89
I Am Not A Vampyre

The August Sons 11/6/89
The Knife

Autopsia 10/30/89
imperial City Breakdown

Average Life 1/30/89

Chris Bailey 4/17/89
Batfish Brew

The Batfish Boys 4/4/89
Daddy's Highway

The Bats 6/12/89
Hard Light

Band Of Susans 4/4/89
Armistice Day

Band of Outsiders 10/23/89
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