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out of the grey030.jpg

The Dream Syndicate 6/14/86
the dobermans033.jpg

The Dobermans 7/5/93
middle of the night020.jpg

Divine Horsemen 5/18/87
second to no010.jpg

The Discords 7/26/91
need love too004.jpg

The Dirty Old Men 4/11/87
waste mor vinyl027.jpg

The Dik Van Dykes 5/22/89
nobody likes026.jpg

The Dik Van Dykes 4/4/88
free dirt024.jpg

Died Pretty 10/8/86
out of the unkown.jpg

The Died Pretty 1/8/84
the devil dogs042.jpg

The Devil Dogs 8/28/89

Dick Destiny & The Highway Kings 2/9/87
too cool to live009.jpg

Deja Voodoo 6/14/85

Deja Voodoo 11/18/86
the worst of deja voodoo007.jpg

Deja Voodoo 3/8/88
I shall be released.jpg

Carmaig De Forest 4/20/87
big pile of mud116.jpg

Deja Voodoo 5/22/89
teh good hex104.jpg

D.C.3 3/18/86
give daddy the knife073.jpg

Naz Nomad And The Nightmares 3/5/84
blue train station048.jpg

The Cynics 4/20/87
rock n roll047.jpg

The Cynics 2/26/90
twleve flights up046.jpg

The Cynics 4/18/88
learn to lose045.jpg

The Cynics 4/19/93
deperate fires041.jpg

The Jet Black Berries 6/16/86
inner limits038.jpg

Crawling Walls 6/6/85
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